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At US Adjusters our Nationwide Public Adjusters represent homeowners and business owners when they have Property damage insurance claims such as a fire claim, pipe leak or break, flood, mold or a natural disaster. You need representation from our Public Adjuster to insure you will receive the best possible claim settlement. We can sometimes reopen claims for larger settlement too.

Larger claim settlements

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Using a Public Adjuster resulted in larger property claim settlements. ** per the OPPAGA statistic above.

This statistic shows value of hiring a Private or Public Adjuster. As you can see insurance claim settlements are considerably increased using a public adjuster to represent you. The average property damage claim settlement is increased upwards of 747%.

View the OPPAGA study on public insurance adjusters

We are the top rated Florida Public Adjuster, Call today for a free insurance claim evaluation

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When it comes to insurance companies and insurance claim settlements you're NOT in good hands, and they're NOT like a good neighbor. Having your own public insurance adjuster results in property insurance claim settlements that are much greater than if you didn't use your own private adjuster.

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Our Public Adjusting firm has Public Adjusters, Loss Consultants and Insurance Appraisers that are located throughout the United States & Internationally


If you have a homeowners claim , condominium claim or a commercial property damage claim such as a fire damage claim , smoke damage or water damage from a pipe burst, flood damage or perhaps damage from a recent natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, or a hail storm, you will want the best settlement possible. In order to receive the best possible claim settlement you need to seek representation of United States Adjusters. Contact on nationwide Public Insurance Adjuster firm now for a free insurance claim evaluation.


Contact our Public Adjusters even before reporting their claim to the insurance company. You will avoid taking a chance of having an underpaid insurance claim, delayed claim or worse a denied insurance claim.
Using a Public Claim Adjuster will result in a settlement amount that is MUCH GREATER than the insurance company's initial offer, often (500-2000%). When dealing with larger commercial losses, settlements greater than (3000%) are very common.
The insurance company has their own insurance claim adjusters that work for them and represents their interests, this should be seen as an inherent conflict of interest.
When you have representation from your own private adjuster, you regain a level playing field, that is because we work for you and representing your interests. When considering a Public Adjuster, remember that United States Adjusters are considered some of the most experienced and professional commercial claim adjusters , condominium claim adjusters and homeowners claim adjusters in the insurance claims industry! We are long time members of (N.A.P.I.A) - National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, (F.A.P.I.A) - Florida Association of Public Adjusters, New York Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, and also the Windstorm Network.
If you have an insurance claim contact our Florida Public Adjusters for a much larger claim settlement
US Adjusters are prepared to be your exclusive representative. With our vast experience and expert knowledge, our Public Adjusters are able to obtain a much greater settlements for our clients. Our Public Adjusters assist with every phase of preparing and presenting your insurance claim, as well as accomplishing an adjustment for you which is equitable and includes everything to which you are entitled under your insurance policy.

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You wouldn't go to court without an attorney, the same holds true when you have an insurance claim, you should have representation from one of our licensed Public Adjusters, which are also referred to as a Private Adjuster.

Contact our Public Insurance Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers or Disaster Consultants today for a free damage claim evaluation & free claim consultation.

** Disclaimer: We will only assist on claims we feel our service is absolutely needed.

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