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United States Adjusters are well known for obtaining the largest condominium settlements in the Country. As State Licensed Public Adjuster, Insurance Appraiser and Loss Consultant we can serve ALL of the needs of any Property Management Company's and Condominium Associations anywhere in the United States and Internationally. While results may vary from claim to claim,  our Public Adjusters fight to recover the maximum amount. Our success settling Condominium losses has shown that settlements on losses where we were involved increased far greater that 3000%+ more than the insurance company’s initial offer.
How many home and business owners fully understand their insurance policies and how can they be sure they received all that was justly due?
The average person has never read their insurance policy and is not aware that exclusions and limitations exist that preside over their policy set by state law and regulation. Having a good insurance policy and relying on your insurance adjuster’s analysis is typically not enough.

Condominium Owners and Condominium Associations call us!

Condominium claims are very complex and should only be handled by proven professionals with a track record for success. Over the years, United States Adjusters and its public adjusters have assisted condominium associations and owners to get the settlement they deserved. We understand how overwhelming damage caused by fire, water, flood hurricane and other perils can be United States Adjusters team has assisted in securing a large number of multi million dollar condominium settlements over the years. It is only because we are vastly experienced in this area that we are able to obtain for our clients the best possible settlement outcome.

United Sates Adjusters acts as a public adjuster, loss consultant and insurance appraisers for condominium associations and even condominium owners. Our team of experienced professionals offers you total support such as a very detailed cause and origin report, documentation and extensive estimating of the damage.

It should be known that insurance company adjusters work only for the insurance company. They analyze property loss in a way that results in minimal payment for the damages. Insurance companies also enjoy an upper hand when the owners of insured property are not fully aware of all the clauses of insurance policy and the amount that they may be entitled to in the event of a loss. The United States Adjusters team works for the insured as their representative, we negotiate against the insurance company adjusters for you. By doing a fair assessment of property damage and seeing that all items in the insurance policy, including policy limits and endorsements are accounted for.

The United States Adjusters team comprises highly qualified and vastly experienced engineers, building contractors and forensic accountants to analyze and evaluate your total loss. Being public adjusters and Insurance Appraisers we notice all aspects of damage to your condo to ensure that you receive the best possible settlement. many of our professionals who have worked in insurance companies before and are well aware of tactics used to delay, deny and underpay claims.

We are able to assist with condominium claims that were denied, delayed or are grossly underpaid. We are prepared to be your representative and assist in obtaining what is rightfully owed. Being public adjusters, we pay complete attention to all details of the claim and see to it the claims are settled in the shortest amount of time possible. We assess all of the damage, documenting ALL of the damage. We will then fight to see that all of the damage is accounted for in the claim settlement.

Need any more information about our public adjusting, loss consulting and insurance appraisers services for condominiums? Feel free to call a public adjuster by filling out our contact form on the Contact Us page or by calling 800-872-0201

With so many individuals and entities involved, Condominium Association Claims can be incredibly complicated and time consuming. Meeting the expectations and requirements of many different personalities and different mind sets is a challenge United States Adjusters takes very seriously. Our focus is always to be the team leader and represent the Association through a knowledgeable single voice to your insurance company always striving to gain the most beneficial compensation for your Association and to get your facilities healthy again.

Adjusting & Appraising commercial -condominium claims requires a tenacious attitude. Every claim is different and requires a mind set unlike typical residential or small business claims or other commercial losses. Condo Association claims require carefully tailored solutions unique to each property. After a hurricane, or any covered peril, the problem could be all about governing documents, ownership interests, and insurance coverage analysis. Or it could be a combination of roof leaks, damaged roof tiles, destruction of the clubhouse, pool area, signage, and much more. 

You now have protection against ever having to accept low insurance company settlements- United States Adjusters very own Preferred Client Program™

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