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Chipped of Broken Flood Tile or Damage Wood Floor claims

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Chipped Flooring Claims Are Costly!

 Dropped Object, Chipped tile insurance Claims

Does your home, business, or commercial property have broken or chipped floor tiles? Did you know that if the damage was caused by anything other than faulty installation, you might be entitled to full replacement in you have coverage in your policy? In fact, you may even be entitled to having your entire floor re-tiled, walls painted and cabinetry replaced if the tile goes underneath.


Tile damage is not only a cosmetic issue, but also an issue that could lead to bigger problems within your home or business. The tiles are both aesthetic and functional. We all know they make the floor look nice, but they also prevent water from seeping into the foundation of your building and foundational problems can lead to MAJOR structural issues

Our Dropped Object Damage Adjusters Handle These Types of Claims
    • Cracked Tile
    • Cracked Tile
    • Dented Wood Floors
    • Debonded Tiles due to excessive wetness during a flood event
    • Popped Tiles from a wind event that caused tenting
    • Any Sudden and Accidental Dropped Object
United States Adjusters are now assisting homeowners and businessowners with all chipped tile and dropped object tile damage insurance claims
    • We welcome inquiries for our services on damaged flooring property claims. We only get involved in claims where our services are needed.
    • We will help you through this difficult and stressful time.
    • When disaster strikes we are here to help. With many years of experience adjusting claims. Our experts will work for you to maximize your recovery.
    • It is good to have professional help on your side.
    • We will meet with your Insurance Company adjuster to review the damage.
    • While we are busy detailing, appraising, and documenting your claim, you can begin to think about plans to replace your damaged property.
    • Our vast experience adjusting claims allows us to suggest ways you can turn your tile damage to your advantage by repairing and replacing in ways that will enhance the use and value of your property.
    • Our staff recognizes the emotional aspects of a major property damage claim. We are experienced in dealing with the emotional as well as the financial and technical aspects of your claim.
    • We know what it takes to adjust your tile claim.
    • We review your policy to identify all areas of coverage.
    • We prepare your claim to maximize your recovery!
    • Our services are cost effective making it a win-win situation for you


    United States Adjusters Dropped Object Damage Clients
    • Home Owners / Residential
    • Restaurant Owners
    • Hotels / Motels Owners
    • Commercial Building Owner
    • Condominium Associations's
    • Building Owners
    • Shopping Mall Owners
    • Large Commercial Building Owners
    • Condominium Unit Owners

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