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FEMA Disaster Consulting Services


United States Adjusters provides FEMA consulting services to government orgapublic adjustersnizations, schools, hospitals, municipal and private non-profit organizations to help expedite the financial recovery from disasters. Many of these organizations will be eligible for federal assistance through FEMA's Public Assistance Program.

As one of the largest adjusting and consulting firms in the world, United States Adjusters understands how to navigate the complicated FEMA regulations and policies and are able to ensure compliance.
We customize our services to meet the unique needs and challenges of each client; however, the following services are typical of those we provide to our clients:

  • Meet with the applicant for debriefing on the loss
  • Conduct a damage and eligibility assessment
  • Identification of hazard mitigation opportunities
  • Preparation of scopes of work for eligible repairs
  • Preparation of project worksheets
  • Preparation of required documentation for project worksheets
  • Preparation for project audits and closeouts


        • Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning (CEMP)
        • Continuity of Operations / Continuity of Government (COOP/COG) Plan Development
        • Evacuation Planning including development of Contraflow Plans
        • Host Jurisdiction Planning (accepting evacuees from other areas)
        • Debris Management Planning
        • Training and Exercise Development
        • Long-term Recovery Planning
        • Hazard and Risk Assessments
        • Hazard Mitigation Planning
        • Traffic Incident Management Planning


        • Emergency Operations Center Management
        • Logistics Management
        • Resource Identification
        • Operational Support
        • Finance and Administration
        • Disaster Documentation
        • Staff Augmentation
        • Debris Program Management


        • FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program Management
        • FEMA Individual Assistance (IA) Program Management
        • Coordination of applicant/state/FEMA responsibilities
        • Documentation Management
        • Project evaluation and review
        • Project close-out and audits
        • FEMA Appeals
        • Debris Management
        • Debris Monitoring
        • Debris Removal
        • Financial Management
        • Long-term project and grant management
        • Temporary Housing
        • Community Damage Inspections


        • Design and implementation of a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)
        • Vulnerability / Risk Analysis
        • Federal mitigation program requirements, regulations and timelines
        • Applicants mitigation opportunities and responsibilities
        • Hazard Mitigation Application development and review

United States Adjusters works closely with our clients during all phases of disaster recovery in order to maximize the amount of funding and expedite the obligation of those funds. When it comes to FEMA consulting our firm is second to none. Located Nationally, Contact a Public Adjuster today 1-800-872-0201

FEMA Cunsulting

For more answers to your questions regarding FEMA Assistance contact United States Adjusters directly at 1-800-872-0201

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