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At United States Adjusters our fire claim adjusters, insurance appraisers and fire claim consultants have extensive experience dealing with all types of fire claims such as smoke and soot losses and large residential fire claim losses to extensive commercial fire claim losses that also includes the business interruption portion of the fire claim. We offer free fire claim evaluations, 1-800-872-0201

Important Tips following a Fire Damage Claim

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Many Insurance Company Adjusters Are Not Qualified To Estimate Fire Insurance Claims

  • Contact a claims adjuster like United States Adjusters even before you report your loss to your insurance company.
  • Take pictures and/or videos of your home or business right away
  • Secure & protect your home or business (call United States Adjusters to help make arrangements)
  • Find housing for your family (United States Adjusters can help make recommendations)
  • Consult a United States Adjusters group of national public adjusters to see if they can help (we only help where we are needed)
    • 1. Check how long the claims adjuster has been in business. (any new PA firm should be bypassed)
    • 2. Are they NAPIA members? (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) if they are not keep looking
    • 3. Are they BBB Accredited members? (Better Business Bureau)
    • 4. Do they offer no-cost consultations?
  • Do NOT let your insurance company dictate your fire claim settlement - contact a claims adjuster at United States Adjusters right away.

In reality, most insurance adjusters take classes to learn about insurance policies and classes to learn about insurance estimating software but have never been a roofer, carpenter, painter, plumber or tile installer. They lack the hands-on experience and knowledge of a person who has many years’ experience repairing or replacing such damages. It's easy to see how the dispute arises with fire insurance claims. It usually sounds a bit like the following:

The insurance company sends an adjuster to the fire claim location. The adjuster seems to spend very little time inspecting the claim and determines the fire damages to be $100,000. Now you the policyholder has hired a public adjuster and verifies the damages for repair are upwards of $250,000. Many times it seems the insurance company is trying to repair or clean damaged items when the public adjusters at US Adjusters can prove these items need to be replaced. At United States Adjusters we are one of the Nation’s top fire claim adjusters and we fight to get you the settlement you are entitled and not what the insurance company feels you are entitled. Don't settle for less when it comes to getting what you deserve!

Types of fire damage claims which our public adjuster can assist with:

  • Chimney Fires
  • Kitchen Fire Claim
  • Electrical Fires
  • Puff Backs
  • Kitchen Smoke Damage
  • Arson
  • Cooking appliances
  • Heater Malfunctions
  • Fireplace
  • Cooking Fire Claim
  • Smoke damage from a neighbor
  • Accidental Fires
  • Near total loss fires
  • Fires from lightening
  • Rental Apartment Fires
  • Brush Fires
  • Barbecue
  • Business Fires
  • Condominium Fires
  • Residential
  • Commercial Fires
  • Grease Fires
  • Smoke Damage
  • Fire Exposure

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Fire Damage Claims

Our Fire damage insurance claim adjusters and appraisers are located nationwide and are here to serve you.

Fire, smoke and soot can damage your property. Expenses will occur with any loss to your home and property. As your Public Fire Claim Adjuster we will leverage many years of claims experience and loss damage knowledge to ensure you detail all your losses associated to the event. Get the satisfaction of working with a public insurance adjusting firm who makes your claims satisfaction a reality. Don’t settle for less call a public adjuster today 1-800-872-0201. 

Fire damage insurance claim assessments can be tricky. Damage to your most important life investment, your home or business is not always apparent or visible. Great care should be taken to inspect all aspects of a fire and the smoke and water damage caused as a result of the fire. Once you have a 360 degree view of the problem a details of how to properly fix the damage can be outlined. Detailed construction processes are defined along with proper clean up techniques to fix the damaged area and any other areas which could have exposed your house or business to future issues due to the fire. Experience and time are critical in assessing the fire damage event. United States Adjusters has the knowledge of proper construction methods, proper cleanup methods and the critical estimating tools to develop a detailed line by line estimate of damages which will work to your advantage in building your fire damage insurance claim against your insurance company.

One call to the A- rated public adjusters at United States Adjusters (800-872-0201) will change the stress you feel due to the fire damage event. Our Public Adjusters work fast to get on your scene, assess the damages and begin the process of an equitable and proper recovery immediately. We all know the saying “the devil is in the details”; well your insurance company is in the business of running past the details which lead you to a more equitable recovery .United States Adjusters however have a cadre of tools and event experience to assemble a detailed recovery which will lead to a satisfactory recovery of your home and property. Your home and or business are your most valuable possessions and typically the largest investment. United States Adjusters will see to it that you restore your home or business back to the proper condition and minimize the haggling and stress your insurance company will impose on you when filing a fire damage insurance claim. Contact United States Adjusters today to start the process of a proper equitable recovery to your fire damage claim. Get the maximum settlement from your insurance claim.

We can start working for you right now. As a licensed, bonded public insurance adjuster, we have the experience necessary to fight for your right to a proper equitable insurance claims settlement.

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Your insurance company hires professional fire claim adjusters to protect their interest. YOU SHOULD TOO! CONTACT OUR PUBLIC FIRE CLAIM ADJUSTER NOW!

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