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Hurricane Sandy Damage


When hiring a Public Adjuster for Hurricane claims:

Hurricane Sandy Damage

1) make sure the Public Adjuster you hire has owned and operated a company longer than 5+ years, also make sure the firm is a member of NAPIA - www.napia.com the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters - and if they are not members, keep looking. NAPIA's Public Adjusters are held to the highest standards in the industry.

2) Make sure the adjuster your using is well versed with flood coverage and has the knowledge about what is covered and what is not. Not every Public Adjuster has worked a flood loss, let alone a hurricane losses like Sandy, especially in New York or New Jersey. United States Adjusters are considered experts in both Hurricane and Flood losses having adjusted thousands of flood and hurricane losses over the years.

Final note: If you only have flood damage but you do NOT have flood insurance we cannot assist you. You will need to contact FEMA at: www.fema.gov or 1-800-621-3362. Our Public Adjusters are only able to work with flood victims that have residential and business flood insurance and for Hurricane victims, a wind damage insurance policy is needed in order to assist homeowners and business owners that suffered wind damage from Hurricane Sandy. Lastly, if your basement was the only area in your home or business that was flooded and you do have flood coverage, our public adjusters will NOT be able to to assist you as the cap on basement flooding is so limited on what the National Flood Insurance Program will pay.

Hurricane Sandy  New Jersey


Don't settle for Less when it comes to hiring a Public Adjuster for Hurricane damage claims - United States Adjusters has many of the most experienced and elite adjusters in the Country on our team. The outcome of your claim have a direct result on who you choose!

  • The Public Adjusters at United States Adjusters will help you through this difficult and stressful time.
  • US Adjusters  is here to help Hurricane victims. With over 100+ years of combined experience adjusting Hurricane claims. Our public adjusters will work for you to maximize your flood claim and wind related damage recovery.
  • It is good to have professional help on your side, with United States Adjusters you have a team.
  • Our Public Adjusters will meet with your Insurance Company adjuster to review the damage.
  • While we are busy detailing, appraising, and documenting your claim, you can begin to think about plans to replace your damaged property.
  • United States Adjusters vast experience adjusting Hurricane claims and flood damage claims allows us to suggest ways you can turn your claim into your advantage, by repairing and replacing in ways that will enhance the use and value of your property.
  • Our Public Adjusters and Insurance Appraisers recognizes the emotional aspects a Hurricane Sandy type event have on our clients. We are experienced in dealing with the emotional as well as the financial and technical aspects of your claim.
  • As the top rated Public Adjusting firm in the country, and having adjusted thousands of Hurricane claims in the past 6 years, we know what it takes to adjust your claim and maximize your hurricane claim settlement.
  • A Public Adjuster will review your Wind and Flood policy to identify all areas of coverage.
  • A Public Adjuster will prepare your claim in a way that it will maximize your settlement recovery!
  • Having a Public Adjuster on your side will make the outcome a win / win for all commercial & residential Hurricane Sandy victims.
Hurricane Damage


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