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If your home, condominum or business suffered damage from a Hurricane or from high winds, mini tornadoes, heavy rains, and flood waters be sure to contact United States Adjusters right way. We are able to assist you from the start and avoid any complications that may occur if you do not have representation, which may jeopardize aspects of hurricane claimyour claim and the speed of the settlement.

The team of Nationwide Public Adjusters, Disaster Consultants and Insurance Appraisers at United States Adjusters have decades of experience assisting policyholders with their Hurricane and Flood damage claims. We having helped victims of Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Wilma, Hurricane Issac, Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Ike and many other major disasters.

Hiring the right public adjuster:

At United States Adjusters our A- Rated Public Adjusters and Insurance Appraisers have adjusted thousands of Hurricane claims over the years ranging from multi million dollar commercial losses to smaller residential hurricane claims. When it comes to Hurricane damage you will want to only hire adjusters with the experience level and knowledge needed to obtain the Hurricane Sandy Public Adjusterbest possible insurance settlement. Make sure the company is well known and has been around for for atleast 5 years, make sure they carry "Errors and Omissions Insurance", make sure they have the necessary Catastrophic adjusting experience (especially flood). Make sure they have an A rating or better with the BBB and lastly, make sure they are members of NAPIA - National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters www.napia.com. It should be known that only handful of Public Adjusting firms will fall under these qualifications but its very important that they do.

What will United States Adjusters do for you:

After a hurricane, the recovery process will be overwhelming. It should be noted that the majority of policyholders will not have the time or the expertise to properly insure they will receive the type of settlement they are entitled. Our highly experienced professionals guide you through the claims process, document the loss, write a detailed estimate and lead the meetings with your insurance company in order to negotiate the best possible settlement outcome for you.


Hurricane Damage

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At United States Adjusters our Public Adjusters, Insurance Public Adjuster Vs- No Public AdjusterAppraisers and Disaster Consultants will give you the peace of mind by knowing one of the top Public Adjusting firms in the Country are handling your claim. We move the claim along diligently in order to secure a settlement that will allow you to put you property back to pre loss condition and begin to put your life back in order.

When it comes to hurricane damage, the team at United States Adjusters will represent you and get the insurance settlement you are entitled to. Don't settle for less - United States Adjusters are second to none and the highest rated!


United States Adjusters are here to assist with Commercial, Residential, Condominium Associations that sustained hurricane damage and want the settlement they deserve.

Hurricane Claim Adjuster

Don't wait until the insurance company makes an offer, get everything you are entitled to right away! Contact United States Adjusters now 1-800-872-0201

You will be glad you did!




(other than Louisiana, and for our Appraisal services)

The unfortunate hurricane damage claim scenario you will find WITHOUT the assistance of United States Adjusters

You experienced hurricane damage, you filed a claim with your insurance company, and you received a small check. Which did not cover your property damages in there entirety. Most time the insurance company will pay for a small repair and see if you go away. THE INSURANCE COMPANY OWES TO PUT YOU BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE BEFORE THE LOSS! The Public Adjusters at United States Adjusters see that they do it!

This is a perfect case for a licensed public adjuster to help you with your claim with the insurance company. Even if you received a check a public adjuster can re-open a claim with your insurance company up to a certain amount of years from the date of loss or breach of contract (depending on the State) A Public Adjuster will submit proper documentation, negotiate directly with the insurance company adjuster upon your behalf and attain a settlement that would be satisfactory to cover all damages sustained. Best of all, licensed public adjusters collect no fees until your claim is settled.

Nationwide Hurricane Claim Adjuster

United States Adjusters are Hurricane Adjusting experts! Our public adjusters have adjusted thousands of Hurricane claims in many states over the years and have extensive experience dealing with large condominium and commercial losses. Our Hurricane adjusting expertise includes Condominium losses, Condo Complex's, Commercial losses, and Residential losses. Our Adjusters have adjusted Hurricane claims, including Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Wilma, Hurricane Frances, Hurricane Jean and Hurricane Charley and more. With our Hurricane Adjusting experience, knowledge of insurance policies, State Statutes & Codes, United States Adjusters are second to none when it comes to adjusting Hurricane claims and obtaining the best Hurricane settlements possible.


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