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Roof Collapse Due to the Weight of Ice or Snow

If you have a collapse claim you need to contact United States Adjusters and its team of claim advocates and public adjusters!

In the winter months homeowners and business owners are faced with the issue of whether with damage due to a roof collapse from the weight of heavy snow or ice.

Most homeowners and commercial policies cover this type of loss and will be underpaid due to the fact that the losses can be extensive. Structural engineers will need to be used to rebut prove the cause of loss and cement the coverage concerns you will be put up against in most cases.

United States Adjusters team of Public Adjusters and loss consultants assist in maximizing collapse claim settlements


United States Adjusters welcomes inquiries for our services on all earthquake and collapse property damage claims. Our Public Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers and Disaster Consultants will help you through this difficult and stressful time. When you suffer damage from an earthquake, or a loss from collapse do to weight of snow or for any other reason, we are here to help. With decades of experience adjusting claims we are able to give you the service you require to put you back to pre-loss condition.
When you have professionals help on your side like United States Adjusters you have an alliance of Public public adjustersAdjusters and experts that work for you and NOT against you as most insurance company adjusters will, do to their conflict of interest

Our Public Adjusters will meet with your Insurance Company adjuster to review and document all of the damage.

A public adjuster will put together a detailed estimate of the damage, appraising, and documenting your claim, which will allow you to begin to think about plans to replace your damaged property.

Our vast experience adjusting catastrophic claims from earthquakes and collapse allows us to suggest ways you can turn this disaster to your advantage by repairing and replacing in ways that will enhance the use and value of your property.

Our public adjuster staff recognizes the emotional aspects of a major Earthquake and Collapse property damage claim. We are experienced in dealing with the emotional as well as the financial and technical aspects of your claim.

We know what it takes to adjust your claim.

We review your policy to identify all areas of coverage.

We prepare your claim to maximize your recovery!

Our services are cost effective making it a win / win situation for you.

Earthquake & Collapse Damage Adjusters and Appraisers that work for you, NOT the insurance company!

United States Adjusters are national earthquake and collapse claim experts! Our public adjusters have adjusted large catastrophic claims and loss by collapse claims. We have years of extensive experience with this types of large losses. Our Public Adjusters Collapseexpertise includes condominium losses, condo complex's, commercial losses, and residential losses. With our collapse adjusting experience, our knowledge of insurance policies, and our knowledge of State Statutes & Codes, United States Adjusters are second to none when it comes to adjusting commercial structure collapse claims.

Our Public Adjusters and Insurance Appraisers are experts in Earthquake & Collapse loss recovery


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