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The Public Adjusters at US Adjusters are some of the most qualified and experienced Mold Claim Adjusters in the insurance industry

Mold Damage is one of most common reasons people make insurance claims on their home or business. Mold is an end result from occurances such as pipe breaks, leaky appliances, flood events, roof leaks and any other dampening event. Frankly there are many ways you could may develope mold spores and have a major problem if not delt with quickly. You will need the assistance of United States Adjusters to help deliver the results you deserve as a policyholder.


Mold damage insurance claims assessment can be tricky as mold damage and spores are not always apparent or visible. Great care should be taken to inspect all aspects of your home or business that may have mold related damage. Once you have a 360 degree view of the problem details of how to properly fix the damage can be outlined. Detailed remediation processes are defined along with proper clean up techniques to fix the damaged mold area and any other areas which could have exposed your home to future issues due to the water / mold event. Experience is critical in assessing the mold damage. United States Adjusters has knowledge of proper construction methods, proper clean-up methods and the critical estimating tools to develop a detailed line by line estimate of damages which will work to your advantage in building your mold / water damage insurance claim against your insurance company.

Hiring United States Adjusters can change the stress you feel due to the mold damWater damage claimsage event. Our Public Adjusters work fast to get on your scene, assess the mold damages and begin the processof an equitable and proper recovery immediately. We all know the saying “the devil is in the details”; well your insurance company is in the business of running past the details which lead you to a more equitable recovery. United States Adjusters however have a cadre of tools and event experience to assemble a detailed recovery which will lead to a satisfactory recovery of your home and property.

It should be noted that insurance company's will try and cap mold damage with a "Mold Cap" which is usually limits coverage to around $10,000 or $50,000, meaning this is all they are going to be willing to pay on your claim. Luckily our Public Adjusters know better, the water and dampness was usually caused from a covered water event thus the mold was secondary in the chain of events. We treat all claims that we deal with as "Water Losses" so they are not and should not be subject to anys sort of limited "Mold Caps".

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Your home is your most valuable possession and typically the largest investment. United States Adjusters will see to it that you restore your home back to the proper condition and minimize the haggling and stress your insurance company will impose on you when filing a mold damage insurance claim. Contact United States Adjusters today to start the process of a proper equitable recovery to your water damage claim.

Get the maximum settlement when you have a mold damage insurance claim.

Our Public Adjusters can start working for you right now. As a licensed, bonded public insurance adjuster, United States Adjusters has the experience necessary to fight for your right to a proper equitable insurance claims settlement.

When it comes to the insurance companies paying for mold damage; they don't want to! But we have insider knowledge of the industry and know that it takes water damage to cause mold damage! So don't worry about your mold limits when you hire United States Adjusters, we consider the first cause of loss to be water and not mold.

When disaster strikes, people often try to handle the claim themselves. Or worse, they leave the claim handling up to the insurance company, hoping they will be treated fairly and get paid what they are entitled to under the policy. Especially at a time when insurance company resources are critically overtaxed, you have better odds of winning the lottery than getting a good impartial adjuster.

Think of it this way ... you turn over your taxes to a professional for a $2,000 refund, so why would you attempt to handle a $25,000 $50,000, or even $100,000+ insurance claim yourself? Unless you are experienced and trained in insurance claims as our Public Adjusters are, then handling your own major loss would be like going to court without an attorney! Now would be the time to contact United States Adjusters. We know insurance, More importantly, we know insurance claims and how to maximize them.

Our Public Adjusters are National insurance adjustment experts, and we will work only for you. We prepare, submit and negotiate the mold claim on your behalf, and only with your best interests in mind.

We are able to explain the process, and inform you of your options every step of the way. Having decades of experience with the largest insurance companies in the country, we know what it takes to present a claim, and achieve the maximum settlement for your loss. Unlike smaller Public Adjusting companies that settle on claims quickly for whatever amount the insurance company wants to settle for; our adjusters fight to make sure you receive the largest settlement possible. 

Insurance policies are confusing, and company adjusters are only human. They have varying degrees of experience, knowledge and ability, they are under great pressure from insurance companies and other policyholders, and have huge time constraints. The bottom line - they make mistakes - mistakes which could cost you a lot of money. You need US Adjusters on your side!

Our Public Adjusters work for YOU! We have the training, experience to recover a maximum claim settlement on your behalf, and educate you on the claim process. By calling United States Adjusters you will receive more knowledge, more power, more understanding, more control, more results, and more money!

Most mold is the end result of water and flood damage, and it can be very toxic - Don't risk you health have it checked out. Most insurance companies have a"Mold cap", but that is unacceptable to us with water and flood losses as the water damage was the first event that occurred, thus the mold damage was simply a result of the dampness from the water damage. In short, many insurance company adjusters will try and not allow proper payment because of mold exclusions or mold caps. Contact United States Adjusters right away.

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