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When Disaster Strikes, hire United States Adjusters and its team of Public Adjusters and Insurance Appraisers

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We assist Disaster Victims across the County. If you need assistance please contact a Public Adjuster today.


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Specializing in Natural Disaster Recovery Nationwide

Each type of disaster holds its own unique challenges for the property owner when it comes to substantiating your claim. With decades of experience and more senior and certified professional public adjusters on staff than any other organization of its kind, United States Adjusters has faced them all, successfully bringing thousands of homeowners and business owners through every type of disaster.

Several recent disaster settlements United States Adjusters recovered after the insurance company made an innitial offer.

Type of Loss

Insurance Co. Offered

US Adjusters Recovered

% Increase

$ Increase

Natural Disaster

ZERO (under deductible)




Natural Disaster





Natural Disaster





Natural Disaster





Disaster Adjusting and Consulting

Our Public Adjusters and Insurance Appraisers are here to help after a catastrophe strikes

No matter where you live in the United States, you may be subjected to a disaster. We have assist many hurricanes and tornadoes victims over the years. We are the Nation's leading CAT team of Public Insurance Adjusters. When a disaster happens our team springs into action to help business owners and homeowners in getting the insurance settlement they are entitled. Do yourself a favor now, line up a public adjuster protect your business's and your families interest. We offer a preferred client program which is beneficial to all homeowners and business owners.

How our Nationwide's disaster team is ready to help

Currently United States Adjusters and its team which is comprised of Public Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers and other experts are assisting disaster victims all over the Country. Events such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Isaac are recent events where our Public Adjusters have proven to be very helpful to those who have suffered the worst hardships. Our public adjusters take the burden off the homeowner and business owners and allow them some normalcy in their lives. We prepare and document the claim to your insurance company, all aspects of the claim are taken into consideration and are asked to be paid under the terms of your insurance policy. We do not settle for less, so when you want to obtain every dime you are entitled to you need the representation of our Public Adjuster.

Because our Public Adjusters are experts in natural disaster recovery
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