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This stat alone make calling our Orlando Public Adjuster an easy decision when you suffer a homeowners claim or a commercial property claim such as a fire, flood, pipe break, mold or any other type of property damage claim.

Our Orlando Public Adjuster will maximize your residential, condominium or commercial property damage settlement. The Orlando public adjusters at United States Adjusters are top rated Florida Public Adjusters, having assisted thousands of Florida homeowners and business owners over the years. Don't settle for second best, call US Adjusters.

The State of Florida licenses all adjusters, whether they work for an insurance company or the public. Adjusters that work for the insurance companies obligation is to the insurance company and NOT the policyholder. The state of Florida recognizes that you, the policyholder, are entitled to equal representation and you may retain the services of an expert Orlando public adjuster to assist in the claims process.

At United States Adjusters we are your Orlando public adjusters. We also handle claims all around Florida from Key West of Jacksonville

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