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Maximize Your Pipe Burst Claim Settlement by using a Public Adjuster


Pipe Burst Claim

United States Adjusters represent homeowners and commercial business owners with all broken pipe, pipe leak and pipe burst insurance claims


When faced with a pipe burst claim it is common to feel flustered. First you need to locate your main water supply. This is commonly located just outside your door or in the basement. Once you locate it, turn it off to prevent more water gushing out and adding to the damages.

After you done so, try and find the main electrical supply and turn it off too as this will prevent water to damage your electrical circuit and appliances which can be seriously dangerous. With these two steps done, you need to contact a public adjuster to begin to document all of the damage. Do not throw anything away. clearing the mess.

Never try to fix the burst pipe, your public adjuster will assist you in finding a reputable professional plumber. You will need to save the piece of damage pipe for the insurance company. You will also need to call in an electrician if your electrical points or appliances are affected by the flood. These two professionals will be able to inspect your entire home and repair the affected areas to prevent any future problems.

Hiring a Public Adjuster right away will make sure you are more prepared if you had a burst pipe.


Our Pipe Burst Damage Adjusters Handle All Types of Burst Pipe Damage Claims
  • Any Sudden and Accidental Leak
  • Hidden Pipe Leaks or Breaks
  • Pipe Burst from Frozen Pipes
  • Broken Pipes Below the slab
  • Broken Supply Lines
  • Broken Pipe or Pipes
  • Shower Pan Leaks
  • Overflow
  • and any other covered loss

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Pipe Burst Claim Scenario

You experienced pipr burst claim, so you filed the claim with your insurance company, and you received a check. Great! One problem… It did not cover your property damages. You may have had a pipe burst in your house and had an entire wood floor flooded due to the break in the pipe. You sustained a large amount of flooding and related damages and clean up due to the pipe break and flood but the insurance company only covered damages to the pipe. In essence they covered the pipe repair but none of the damages that the pipe break caused. 

The insurance company owes to fix the related damage and the damage caused to access the broken pipe. This is a perfect case for a licensed public adjuster to help you with your claim with the insurance company. Most insurance people would say that if you receive a check and cash it you accept the settlement and can not pursue for more. This is NOT true. A public adjuster can re-open a claim with your insurance company up to five years from the date of loss, submit proper documentation, negotiate directly with the insurance company adjuster upon your behalf and attain a settlement that would be satisfactory to cover all damages sustained. Best of all, licensed public adjusters collect no fees until your claim is settled.

We Help With All Pipe Burst Claims
  • Homeowners / Residential
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Hotel / Motel Owners
  • Commercial Building Owner
  • Condominium Associationss
  • Building Owners
  • Shopping Mall Owners
  • Large Commercial Building Owners
  • Condominium Unit Owners

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