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Public Adjusters - Insurance Appraisers - Loss Consultants - The nations leading Pipe Break / Burst Claim Adjusters

Pipe Break / Pipe Burst Insurance Claim

United States Adjusters represent homeowners and commercial business owners with all broken pipe, pipe leak and pipe burst insurance claims
    • We welcome inquiries for our services on major and minor pipe break and pipe burst damage claims. We only get involved in claims where our services are needed.
    • We do consider smaller plumbing claims from property managers, clients, client referrals, agents, brokers and attorneys.
    • We will help you through this difficult and stressful time.
    • When disaster strikes we are here to help. With extensive experience adjusting plumbing claims such as pipe breaks, overflows and plumbing leaks our public adjusters and loss consultants will maximize your insurance claim settlement.
    • We will meet with the Insurance Company's hired adjuster in order to make sure all of the damage is accounted for, we put together a detailed estimate of all items that are covered under your insurance policy and make sure each and every one of them is paid for.
    • While we are busy detailing, appraising, and documenting your claim, you can begin to think about plans to replace your damaged property.
    • Our vast experience adjusting claims allows us to suggest ways you can turn this disaster to your advantage by repairing and replacing in ways that will enhance the use and value of your property.
    • Our staff recognizes the emotional aspects of a major property damage claim. We are experienced in dealing with the emotional as well as the financial and technical aspects of your claim.
    • We know what it takes to adjust your claim.
    • We review your policy to identify all areas of coverage.
    • We prepare your claim to maximize your recovery!
    • Our services are cost effective making it a win-win situation for you

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Our Pipe Burst Adjusters Handle All Types of Plumbing Damage Insurance Claims
  • Any Sudden and Accidental Leak
  • Hidden Pipe Leaks or Breaks
  • Pipe Burst
  • Broken Pipes Below the slab
  • Broken Supply Lines
  • Broken Pipe or Pipes
  • Shower Pan Leaks
  • Overflow
  • and any other covered loss

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Pipe Burst Claim / Pipe Break Claim Scenario

You experienced a pipe break claim, such a pipe burst and you filed the claim with your insurance company, and you received a check. Great! One problem… It did not cover your property damages. You may have had a plumbing break in your house and had an entire wood floor flooded due to the break in the pipe. You sustained a large amount of flooding and related damages and clean up due to the pipe break and flood but the insurance company only covered damages to the pipe. In essence they covered the pipe repair but none of the damages that the pipe break caused. 

The insurance company owes to fix the related damage and the damage caused to access the broken pipe. This is a perfect case for our licensed public adjuster to help you with your claim with the insurance company. Most insurance people would say that if you receive a check and cash it you accept the settlement and can not pursue for more. This is NOT true. Our public adjuster will re-open a claim with your insurance company (years to reopen a claim differ from State to State), submit proper documentation, negotiate directly with the insurance company adjuster upon your behalf and attain a settlement that would be satisfactory to cover all damages sustained. Best of all, our public adjuster doesn't collect no fees until your claim is settled.

United States Adjusters Plumbing Damage Clients
  • Home Owners / Residential
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Hotel / Motel Owners
  • Commercial Building Owner
  • Condominium Associationss
  • Building Owners
  • Shopping Mall Owners
  • Large Commercial Building Owners
  • Condominium Unit Owners

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