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Our Smoke Claim Adjusters Will Assure You Get The Best Settlement Possible

At United States Adjusters our Smoke claim adjusters, Smoke Insurance Appraisers and Smoke Loss Consultants have extensive experience dealing with all types of fire, smoke and soot losses from large residential fire and smoke losses to extensive commercial fire and smoke and soot damage claims.

Important Tips following Smoke or Soot Damage Claims

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Many Insurance Company Adjusters Are NOT Qualified To Estimate Smoke and Soot Damage Insurance Claims

  • Contact a Public Adjuster that specializes in fire, smoke and soot damage claims before you report your loss to your insurance company.
  • Take pictures / videos of your home / business and document all of the damage. Do not disgard anything!
  • Secure & Protect your home/business (Call a fire / smoke board-up company)
  • A Public Adjuster will assist you in finding housing for your family
  • Consult a Public Adjuster to see if they can help
    • 1. Check their references - and how long they have been in business.
    • 2. Are they NAPIA members? (National Association Of Public Insurance Adjusters) if they are not keep looking
    • 3. Are they BBB members? (Better Business Bureau)
    • 4. Do they offer no-cost consultations?
  • Do NOT let your insurance company dictate your settlement - contact a public adjuster right away.

As with all types of insurance company's hired adjusters, most of them simply take classes to learn about insurance Smoke Damage Claim policies and classes to learn about insurance estimating software but have never been a roofer, carpenter, painter, plumber or tile installer. They lack the hands-on experience and knowledge of a person who has many years experience repairing or replacing such damages. It's easy to see how disputes will arises when dealing with complicated smoke or fire damage insurance claims.

It will probably sounds a bit like the following...

The insurance company sends an adjuster to the smoke or soot loss location. The adjuster seems to spend very little time inspecting the claim and determines the smoke / fire / soot damages to be say...$100,000. Now you the policyholder were smart and hired a public adjuster to verify the damages for repair and their estimate was upwards of $250,000. Many times it seems the insurance company is trying to repair or clean smoke damaged items when our public adjusters can prove these items need to be replaced. At United States Adjusters we are one of the Nations top smoke damage claim adjusting teams, we fight to get you the settlement you are entitled and not what the insurance company feels you are entitled.

Types of smoke damage or soot damage a public adjuster can assist with:

  • Chimney smoke
  • Kitchen smoke
  • Electrical smoke
  • Puff Backs
  • Kitchen soot
  • Electrical soot
  • Arson
  • Cooking appliances
  • Heater Malfunctions
  • Fireplace    
  • Cooking soot / smoke
  • Fires
  • Near total loss smoke claim
  • Fires from lightening
  • Rental Apartment smoke
  • Chimney smoke damage
  • Brush Fires
  • Barbecue
  • Business Smoke damage
  • Condominium Smoke
  • Residential Smoke
  • Commercial smoke
  • Grease Fires
  • Fire Exposure

Fire Damage Claims

Smoke and Soot and Fire damage Insurance claim Specialists

Smoke and soot can damage your property, expenses will occur with any loss to your home and property. As your Public Adjuster will leverage  many years of claims experience and loss damage knowledge to ensure you detail all your losses associated to the event. Get the satisfaction of working with a public insurance adjusting firm who makes your claims satisfaction a reality; don’t settle for less call today 1-800-872-0201.  

We can start working for you right now. As a licensed, bonded public insurance adjuster, we have the experience necessary to fight for your right to a proper equitable insurance claims settlement.

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