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We are the top rated Public Adjuster in California

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Public Adjuster California | If you have a homeowners claim for a commercial property damage claim, hire the most experienced and top rated Public Adjusters in California - United States Adjusters, Inc.

"We are A+ Rated California Public Adjuster"

Public Adjuster California

Most Experienced Public Adjuster in California

Our Public Adjuster is California's highest rated Public Insurance Adjuster. If you suffered a property insurance claim such as fire, pipe break, earthquake, flood, water damage or any other type of homeowners claim or commercial property damage claim, our California public adjuster will maximize you property insurance claim settlement, and best yet, we don’t get paid unless you do! Contact us today for a no obligation insurance claim consultation.

The State of California licenses all adjusters, whether they work for an insurance company or the public. Adjusters that work for the insurance companies obligation is to the insurance company and NOT the policyholder. The state of California recognizes that you, the policyholder, are entitled to equal representation and you may retain the services of an expert California public adjuster to assist in the claims process.

At United States Adjusters we are your California public adjusters. We handle claims in Southern and Norther California as well as: San Diego, San Franciso, Hollywood, Bevery Hills, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Malibu, Riverside, Oceanside, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, San Jose, Oakland, Bakersfield and most of California, including several surrounding States.

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Public Adjuster California