Each Type of Natural Disaster Holds it’s Own Unique Challenges

Hurricane Damage

Tornado Damage

Flood Damage

Earthquake Damage

Hail Damage

Natural Disaster Insurance Claim Adjusting and Consulting

Property and business owners encounter many different challenges when it comes to substantiating an insurance claim and its settlement. United States Adjusters has decades of experience and more senior and certified national public adjusters on staff than most other organizations of its kind. United States Adjusters has faced all types of disasters from Hurricane Sandy to Katrina to major flood losses and other catastrophic events. Our experts successfully assist homeowners and business owners through each disaster. We have assisted many hurricane and tornado victims over the years. Choose us confidently as every public adjuster from United States Adjusters is part of the nation’s leading CAT team of Public Insurance Adjusters.

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Recent Insurance Claim Amounts
Large Loss Recovery
Type of Loss Insurance Co. Offered US Adjusters Recovered % Difference $ Difference
Natural Disaster ZERO (under deductible) $20,970.66 2097% $20,970.66
Natural Disaster $49,353.16 $155,693.74 215% $106,340.58
Natural Disaster $7,317.12 $80,651.78 1000% $73,344.66
Natural Disaster $43,156.32 $160,364.90 271% $117,208.58
SOURCE: Several recent disaster settlements United States Adjusters recovered after the insurance company made an initial offer.

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