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Disaster Adjusting and Consulting for Wind Damage

United States Adjusters are national public adjusting experts! Our national public adjusters have adjusted thousands of hurricanes, tornado, tropical storm and other wind damage claims over the years and have extensive experience. Our adjusting expertise includes condominium losses, condo complexes, commercial losses, and residential losses. With our adjusting experience, our knowledge of insurance policies, and our knowledge of state statutes and codes, United States Adjusters are second to none in the country when it comes to adjusting large loss catastrophic events such as recent Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Isaac claims for the insured.

Call a Public Adjuster Before the Insurance Company

​A claims adjuster will protect the interest of the policyholder when an event like Hurricane Sandy occurs. We have noticed the insurance company will attempt to delay, deny and defend their position rather than pay the claim in a timely matter in the amount that is owed. As the insured, it’s your responsibility to prove and document your wind damage or hail claim to the insurance company and the insurance company’s adjuster. The problem is doing so without the assistance of a professional public insurance adjusting firm like United States Adjusters can prove to be an daunting task as most insured’s will get worn down by the delay, deny and defend tactics. As the insured’s representative, a public insurance adjuster from United States Adjusters will document your claim. This is done by providing the insurance company with a damage estimate as a contractor would see it. We will also prove them with all-time sensitive documents such as a proof of loss, which should only be completed by professionals that understand residential and commercial insurance restoration and all the coverage that is afforded to you, the policyholder under that particular insurance policy.

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You wouldn’t go to court without an attorney, and you shouldn’t file an insurance claim without an insurance claim adjuster.
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