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Damage to a commercial property can result in severe income losses. A commercial property damaged by fire, water, flood, hurricane, tornado, vandalism and even mechanical or electrical breakdown adversely impacts business and the people associated with it. But the properties that are insured have the right to make a claim and be duly compensated for the damages and business interruption. Filing for a commercial insurance claims needs to be done without any delays – businesses obviously cannot afford loss of earnings for long. It is here that our Public Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers and Loss Consultants are able to excel for the insured. United States Adjusters has been helping commercial property owners for decades.Commerical Property Damage Claim

Filing for insurance claims can be a very complex and daunting task, especially in times when commercial property owners are already disturbed by the losses to their properties. United States Adjusters acts a public adjuster, loss consultant or insurance appraiser to such property owners and we work to make the process of filing for claims a simple and stress free experience. Our team of professionals offer full fledged support in terms of loss analysis, estimating, negotiating and documentation for insurance and liaising with insurance company to procure the best possible settlement outcome for all of the damages caused to the commercial property.  

United States Adjusters handles all size commercial losses from a shop or shopping mall, to hospitals, restaurants, church/religious places, hotels or any other commercial property - United States Adjusters team ensures that the damages are fairly and fully assessed and the owners receive the maximum possible settlement. We have decades of experience fighting for the policyholders and unlike insurance company adjusters, we work only in your – our represent only your interests.

When filing for insurance claim, the best move that can be made is to contact your own advocate. Doing so will protect the claim greatly so that the insurance company cannot deny and delay the claim outcome. Our Public Adjusters have excellent and in-depth understanding of clauses as well as the terms and conditions of insurance policies. You need to be aware of the exact losses that can be claimed for. United States Adjusters has team in place for such tasks. We have qualified and experienced building engineers, contractors and loss consultants experts able to assess the damage caused to your commercial properties. United States Adjusters team works in all ways to maximize the amount that you can get from the insurance company.

We not only help in filing new claims but also assist you if your insurance claims are denied, delayed, or grossly underpaid. If you personally filed in for insurance claim after damage to your business or commercial property but have not received what you expected, do not feel helpless. All you have to do is contact United States Adjusters – the United States Adjusters team is always ready to step in at any point when it comes to helping the insured.

By contacting United States Adjusters team right away it will help speed up the claim settlement process and add addition securities such as documentation of cause and origin of the loss.

If your claims were denied completely, we reassess the damage to property, go through your insurance policy documents and file re open the claim once again making sure that there are no errors of any kind. Our professionals have previously worked in insurance companies, we know their procedures and are aware of the tactics used to delay, deny and underpay claims.

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Need any more information about our public adjusting, loss consulting and insurance appraisal services for commercial properties, contact us for a free claim evaluation 1-800-872-0201 or email us at info@usadjusters.com . We only assist on claims that we feel our service is needed

For the commercial business owner or policyholder, the preparation of a commercial insurance claim without utilizing the use or backing of a public adjuster or insurance appraiser can prove to be time consuming, difficult task. We have advanced expertise in handling commercial losses, including essential knowledge on how to prepare all the necessary documents, including commercial damage take offs that an actual contractor would. United States Adjusters are staffed with general contractors and past insurance company executives that are versed in insurance language and knowing the in's and out's of the policy and what you are entitled to. It is your responsibility whether it’s with the assistance of a professional public adjuster or on your own to effectively prove your commercial claim to the insurance company.

Our experience has shown that persons that understand the process and have been through it before would prefer to utilize the services of a public adjuster, especially when statistics have shown using a public adjuster resulted in settlements that were 574% greater, then those who were not represented by a public adjuster.

Not having the representation of an experience commercial public adjuster in the insurance arena can be an overwhelming task, fortunately with the assistance of our established team of public adjusters, we will give you piece of mind knowing the top team of insurance adjusters in the country are representing you.

Commercial Damage Claims

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US Adjusters specializes in all types of commercial property damage

At United States Adjusters our public adjusters and insurance appraisers have extensive experience dealing with large commercial losses. If you have just suffered a commercial loss; time is of the essence. Our Public Adjusters are more helpful and the claim process is quicker the earlier we are involved with the loss. Our professional experience will give you the peace of mind knowing that the most capable public adjusters are on the job.

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