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What is a private adjuster?

A Private Adjuster (Public Adjuster) is an individual who represents the public adjusterspolicyholder to help facilitate a fair settlement between an insured and an insurance company. Private adjusters have to be knowledgeable about many different areas in the insurance industry. Private adjusters are hired by homeowners, condominium associations and business owners to help them negotiate the best possible claim settlement outcome.

Understanding what you are entitled to under your policy is a difficult thing to do. Insurance policies are worded in a very technical manner and insurance adjusters are highly trained individuals who know how to understand these policies. The average person is not going to be able to understand the majority of the policy, and the insurance company is going to want to pay for items that "they" feel isn't covered or is in the gray area, not to mention things that are covered under most insurance policy's.

When an individual has a loss, the insurance company is going to send out their own adjuster to assess the damage and either deny the claim or make some sort of small offer and hope the claim goes away. This provides the insurance company with the advantage in this process because most policyholder don't know that Public Adjusters / Private Adjusters exist.

House fire claim

The next thing a private adjuster is going to do is assess the damage to the property. The Public Adjusters / Private Adjusters of United States Adjusters are considered the most knowledgeable adjusters in the Country. They will know about the property they are going to be assessing, he or she has will understand the building industry, building codes and how to determine the value of the damage and how much it will cost to put you back to pre loss condition.

Our private adjusters uses the most cutting edge software to come up with the value of a loss.

Once the value of the property has been determined, our Private Adjuster will submit all the documentation needed in order to justify a payment that will put you back into your house or business, they way it was before the loss occurred. Our Private Adjusters will communicate with the adjuster from the insurance company about the loss specifically, when you have a Private Adjuster negotiating on your behalf statistics show you are going to receive a MUCH larger insurance settlement.


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