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As national public adjusters for residential / homeowners claims our task is to make the process of filing for property insurance claims as simple and stress free for our clients as possible. The insurance companies work for their own interest and try to minimize the amount that can be offered for a claim, but United States Adjusters is the advocate of the insured. We work for you and prioritize only your interests while filing for the claim. If insurance companies have their claims adjusters working for them, you too deserve to have yours. When you have insurance for your residential property and have duly paid your insurance premiums, how can you be denied the justified amount in times of need? We step in to protect your interests as a homeowner and ensure that you get the maximum claim amount against your losses.

United States Adjusters is prepared to act as your claims adjuster, loss consultant or insurance appraiser depending on the best suitable plan of attack based on the current situation the claim is in. We have a team of experienced professionals to offer you total support in terms of loss analysis, estimating and negotiating with insurance company to procure the best possible settlement amount for your loss.

Having being in the field for so long, we understand the intricacies of homeowners insurance and our professionals know the best ways to file for claims. We know the ins and outs of insurance companies in the United States and the right ways to work with documents concerning proof of loss and residential insurance repair estimates. Time sensitive documents need to be filled in only by those who fully comprehend residential construction, insurance restoration and all the coverage that is afforded to the insured. The clauses and terms mentioned in homeowner policies can be very confusing for the policy holders. Often, some of the detailed terms may not even be looked into while taking up the policy - this is where the insurance companies try to gain the upper hand. United States Adjusters has experienced professionals to decipher all clauses and knows the most appropriate ways to file for the claims for its clients.

Your property might have suffered damages due to fire, water, hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake or any other loss covered by the insurance policy – we help you to maximize the claim amount - this includes personal property.

United States Adjusters’ team also steps in to assist you when your homeowners claim is denied, delayed, or grossly underpaid. There are many cases when victims of a disaster personally file homeowners claims themselves but do not get what they expect. Problems in payment from the insurance companies generally arise if certain things were overlooked while filing for the claim or the documents were not filled in properly. This is where the services of an experienced claims adjuster prove valuable. We understand the rights of insurance policy holders and help them to get their rightful dues.

United States Adjusters pays complete attention to all details that concern the procedures of filing for homeowners claims. Our task is to ensure that only the insured and not the insurance company become the sole beneficiary of their homeowner insurance policy.


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We have successfully helped thousands of homeowners across the country. We have extensive experience dealing with all different types of residential properties from large estates to smaller single family homes. Our job is to help homeowners receive settlement that put them back to pre-loss condition

Because we are a national team of licensed public insurance adjusters, insurance appraisers and loss consultants we are able to pass information on between dozens of our national public adjusters for the best possible tactics against the insurance company to help protect homeowners in getting a suitable claim settlement. Statistics show that homeowners who had representation of a claims adjuster received much higher claim settlements than those who worked alone and used the insurance company's personal claims adjuster (a conflict of interest). Our experience of dealing with insurance companies gives us the ability to turn all odds even for you. No matter how large the residential property damage is, if it is covered by your insurance policy, you will want the best settlement possible.

Need any more information about our public adjusting, loss consulting and insurance appraising services for homeowners? Feel free to give us a call on our Toll Free Number 1-800-872-0201 or email us at info@usadjusters.com

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At United States Adjusters our public adjusters have extensive experience dealing with all sizes of residential losses from multi-million dollar homes to smaller residential homes. If you have just suffered a residential loss; time is of the essence, don't wait seek representation now before the claim is delayed or worse denied. Our national public adjusters are more helpful and the claim process is quicker the earlier we are involved with the loss. Our professional experience will give you the peace of mind knowing that the most capable claims adjusters are representing you.


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