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United States Adjusters client reviews:

We thank you for your prompt and professional service for us. We will certainly use your services again if the need arises and will recommend you to our fiends and Neighbors. Keep up the good work – We appreciate it!

Dr. & Mrs. Cohan


Thank you US Adjusters, as without your assistance as a public adjuster & claim experience, we wouldn't have gotten our insurance company to pay for the damage to our home. 

The patience & persistence paid off!

Mr. & Mrs. Milbert



Dear Bryan:

After Wilma, we had nothing but problems, both with our flat and regular roof, with water leaking into our home – stained ceilings in most of our rooms. Upon getting estimates from 4 different roofers, they all suggested that we call an insurance adjuster, As our roof was quite damaged. They gave us the name of four differentinsurance adjusters, and we decided to go with US Adjusters. We made the right choice, as we are completely satisfied and appreciate the settlement you got for us. Thank you so Much. We will recommend your company to our friends and


Kindest Regards,

Mr. & Mrs. Peppercorn

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. Your dedication,knowledge and your devotion to your customers is greatly appreciated. After having the worst experience with our insurance company (First Protective Insurance),we decided to try a public adjuster. Your company was the first and the onlyAdjuster Company we called. United States Adjusters responded in a fast, friendly, and professional manner. When you came to our house, my husband and I were very impressed by your promptness and your kind and trusting face. Our meeting went so well, that we decided that USA was the best company for us. We would like to compliment USA for having such a committed and qualified agent. We had such a pleasant experience that we would not hesitate to recommend USA to our friends.

Thank you again for everything you did for us.

Mr. & Mrs. Quchani

It is with great pleasure that I endorse your efforts to continue to help other homeowners to receive proper compensation from insurance companies. Your honesty,expertise, & knowledge of insurance laws and regulations etc. helped us

receive a new roof. – Continued Success!

Best Regards –

Mr. Alstadter

To whom it may concern:

Without question US Adjusters, did an outstanding job on my behalf: They saw to it that all the necessary steps were taken to make sure that the roof was replaced property & all their repairs were done to my liking.

Mr. Eisen

I am a homeowner in a gated community of approximately 250 homes who were victims of Hurricane Wilma. It is my observation and estimation that approximately 95% of homeowners in my community received new roofs. I was not one of them. My insurance unilaterally assessed my damages and after my deductible of Approximately 80% of the assessment sent me a check that would pay for a few good pair of walking shoes. I have been living in a home since Hurricane Wilma that has a leaking roof that is soiling my ceilings. My daughter called your office and spoke with a public adjuster who explained the service you are offering. As a result I authorized United States Adjusters to represent me against my insurance company. The Public Adjuster arranged a meeting with my insurance company and negotiated on my behalf a settlement that exceeded my original settlement by more than 300%. I am now able to get a new roof. My advise to any homeowner who is negotiating a claim with an insurance company is to engage United States Adjusters Inc and you will come out a winner. My sincere thanks to Mr. Thomas for the service they have provided to me.

Mr. Stoppel

Our roof was damaged in the hurricanes of 2005. Like everyone else we called our insurance company and waiting for their adjuster to visit and inspect our roof. We received a check to repair the broken tiles and fix the leaks that had developed since the storms. When we spoke with different roofers they each told us we really needed a new roof, so we called the insurance company again and they sent another adjuster who spent some time with our roofer walking the roof and they decided that they would pay to fix the leaks but would not replace the roof. We had the leaks fixed and broken tiles replaced. A few months later we had more leaks, and it seemed that every time we fixed one leak another one would show up. My roofer kept telling us that the roof needed to be replaced as it has a lot of storm damage. He also suggested that we should talk to our insurance company. When we told him about the adjusters from the insurance company he suggested calling United States Adjusters. I was very skeptical, since we has already received two checks from the insurance company and had only been paid a small portion of what it was going to cost to replace the roof. The public adjuster who came out told us that he would handle everything with our insurance company and he did, to my surprise the insurance company agreed to pay for the roof replacement. We are now ready for another South Florida rainy season,safe and dry under our new roof.

Mr. Hefty

My experience with U.S. Adjusters was a pleasure. They came on time for their appointments and were always professional. I’m sure they did their best to get me as much for my insurance claim as possible. I will call them again if needed.

Mrs. Cannon

To United States Adjusters, Inc. I am very grateful to all who worked on my behalf in getting the money due to me for the loss on my Hurricane claim. My ins. Co not only did not pay me enough for my loss but also raised my premium, so I had to cancel my policy. U.S Adjusters was a blessing from God and I am grateful to all involved in getting the money due to me. I am truly thankful to all of you and would recommend U.S. Adjusters to anyone needing their help.

Mrs. Devlin

I was pleased with US Adjusters service – it’s a pleasure to have someone else dealing with the bureaucracy in an efficient manor! Office staff – was very helpful and pleasant to be in contact with!!

Mrs. Lears

I was devastated when FIGA denied a new roof after Hurricane Wilma destroyed it. My insurance company liquidated and the state placed me in “FIGA” . FIGA denied my claim. I hired U.S. Adjsuters, whom were so motivated and Professional. They held my hand, so to speak, and went out and helped me fight FIGA. We won! They are the best and I recommend them highly to anyone needing additional help. I thank God for placing this exceptional company in my path and we fought back and they won for me. My Roof is being replaced as I write this letter.

Mrs. Sulds

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