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Underpaid Insurance Claims or Denied Insurance Claim   

When your insurance claim is underpaid or denied you do have recourse!

United States Adjusters job is to represent the policyholder and make sure the claim is handled correctly. Unfortunately if you don't have a Public Adjuster from the start you may run the risk of having your claim underpaid or worse, denied.

Upon contacting our Public Adjusters we will evaluate all of the circumstances and be transparent with you as to how we perceive the claims process will go. If we are unable to assist you further you will want to contact an attorney that deals with claim denials and bad faith.

We are not attorneys, nor do we hold ourselves out to be attorneys, with that said, just hiring a Public Adjuster to represent your case and to prove the damage is enough to get a denial overturned or an underpaid insurance claim to be paid justly.

As the policyholder's advocate, we Never work for the insurance company. Please visit our different types of damage pages which explain how we obtain the most money for you concerning your particular type property claim. Toll Free:1-800-872-0201


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Underpaid Insurance Claims - Hire Our Public Adjuster, Loss Consultant or Insurance Appraiser

Toll Free: 1-800-872-0201


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