Adjusting Insurance Claims for Commercial and Residential Fire Damage

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Fire Claim Adjusting and Consulting

​Fires take a big toll on property, belongings, human life, and on the survivors of the disaster. Every claim is treated as a top priority in order to provide you quickly with the resources necessary to restore your property and to get your life back on track. United States Adjusters will fight alongside you, the policyholder.

What Do Fire Damage Claim Settlements Cover?

Dealing with insurance adjusters after a fire may be a trying process. When emotions run high and values run low, our fire claims adjusters will be your advocate and push for a prompt, fair, and consistent procedure so you can quickly recover what you’ve lost. We can help you with the following fire damage claims:

Residential fire – adjusting a house fire claim is a difficult undertaking. Let our public adjusters take the burden of a lengthy claims process out of your hands to speed up your recovery.

Commercial fire – losing your business assets from a fire can be truly devastating. Let our loss adjusters assist you throughout the whole claims procedure.

Smoke damage – restoring your home or commercial building after a fire includes cleaning up smoke and ash, which tend to cost quite a lot. Getting assistance in filing a smoke damage claim will help speed up the recovery process without incurring more losses.

Soot damage – ridding your home or commercial building of soot is a financial burden. We can help you process a soot damage claim to recover what you’ve spent for the cleanup.

Unlike most public adjusters assigned by your insurance carrier, our main priority is you. We want you to make the most of your coverage and fire-related deductibles so you can repair your home and replace your belongings. The destruction on personal property can be difficult to measure, especially if the physical damage is unquantifiable.

Recovering from what you’ve lost to a fire is a difficult endeavor and a major interruption. Let United States Adjusters help you maximize your claim for fire losses. Get in touch with us, today.

What Happens if You Don’t Use a Public Adjuster to Assess Fire Damage

The insurance company sends an adjuster to the fire claim location. The adjuster seems to spend very little time inspecting the claim and determines the fire damages to be $100,000. Now you the policyholder has hired a public adjuster and verifies the damages for repair are upwards of $250,000. Many times it seems the insurance company is trying to repair or clean damaged items when the public adjusters at US Adjusters can prove these items need to be replaced. At United States Adjusters we are one of the Nation’s top fire claim adjusters and we fight to get you the settlement you are entitled and not what the insurance company feels you are entitled.

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You wouldn’t go to court without an attorney, and you shouldn’t file an insurance claim without an insurance claim adjuster.
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