Each Type of Natural Disaster Holds it’s Own Unique Challenges

Hurricane Damage

Tornado Damage

Flood Damage

Earthquake Damage

Hail Damage

Natural Disaster Insurance Claim Adjusting and Consulting

Natural disasters can leave devastation in their wake. They could damage your home or place of business and what’s inside it, hurt your finances, and put your life on hold.

When making your natural disaster insurance claim, you need the help of a dependable catastrophic claims adjuster who will be your advocate and work on your behalf. Our experts successfully assist homeowners and business owners through each disaster. We have assisted many hurricane and tornado victims over the years. We will step in to ensure that your insurer pays the claim, so you can get back on your feet, as quickly as possible.

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What Natural Disasters Does Property Damage Insurance Cover?

Some property damage policies cover a range of natural disasters, but arriving at a fair settlement is a long, arduous process. We can help you navigate the intricacies of specific policies for the following events:

Hurricane – hurricane insurance is the trickiest, so far, because it only covers damages caused by hurricane winds. We can help you recover maximum deductibles from your hurricane or windstorm policies.

Tornado – to avoid falling short in rebuilding, homeowners should ensure that their tornado policy covers all damages.

Flood – our adjuster will ensure that your homeowner’s insurance or separate flood insurance policy provides sufficient coverage in your time of need.

Earthquake – earthquake damage can be hard to measure, but we will ensure that your earthquake claim is handled in a speedy and fair manner.

Hail – consult with our adjusters when filing a claim after a hail storm, and we’ll help you get back on track.

Because damages sustained from Mother Nature’s tricks are generally unpredictable, preparedness is the key. Homeowners and businesses buy insurance as a definitive way to increase their resiliency when disaster strikes. Our goal is to help you make the home recovery process easier, with fair and prompt claims settlements.

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Recent Insurance Claim Amounts
Large Loss Recovery
Type of Loss Insurance Co. Offered US Adjusters Recovered % Difference $ Difference
Natural Disaster ZERO (under deductible) $20,970.66 2097% $20,970.66
Natural Disaster $49,353.16 $155,693.74 215% $106,340.58
Natural Disaster $7,317.12 $80,651.78 1000% $73,344.66
Natural Disaster $43,156.32 $160,364.90 271% $117,208.58
SOURCE: Several recent disaster settlements United States Adjusters recovered after the insurance company made an initial offer.

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