Don’t Assume You Don’t Have Coverage


These are Peter Kochenburger’s words, a deputy director at UConn’s Insurance Law Center, about the potential flood of insurance claims after Hurricane Harvey. It’s wise advice to if you have home insurance, because at least, you’ll try and know how far your insurer is willing to help you.

Settlements and coverage aren’t always straightforward, but don’t let ambiguities take your benefits away.

We’re here to help. Come to us before making an insurance claim and our team of adjusters and consultants will make sure that your insurer honors its responsibility.

Facts About Flood Insurance

Homeowner policies don’t usually include flood insurance. It’s not a common occurrence in most areas, but when there’s an impending hurricane, you can always add coverage for flood damage. It takes about 30 days to get a policy, but at least, you’re prepared.

On the other hand, policies are explicit about wind and water damage claims (especially about excluding it).

If there’s sufficient evidence that water damage is more evident than flooding, you can still apply for a claim. But this is where it could get muddy, so it helps to have experts backing your claim. That’s your insurance adjusters—and that’s us. We can only come in once the water subsides, but we assure you that we act fast and efficiently.

Records Will Save You

As an insurance holder, one way to hold your insurers responsible is keeping records. Save every bit of signed paperwork, and keep transaction records (receipts, invoices, etc.) This way, you can make a file as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in water or flood damage, so make sure your records are on hand.

Rest assured, United States Adjusters knows what it takes to get you the maximum settlement possible. Whether you’re in Houston or other areas, call us to get in touch with our adjusters in your area.

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