Is Your Home Damaged in a Storm? Here’s How to File an Insurance Claim


In 2016, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded 5,601 major hail storms in their database, which resulted in up to $3.5 billion worth of crop and property damage. Insurance claims for roof damaged by the calamity were part of that exorbitant figure.

On top of having to worry about securing the safety of their homes and family, homeowners still need to deal with often-grueling insurance work. Dealing with paperwork isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as homeowners filing claims often become confused by the filling out of different forms, complying with inspection procedures and dealing with insurance agents.

Here is a complete guide on how to file an insurance claim following a storm or any natural calamity.

Document the damage

Safely inspect the affected area, paying close attention to detail. Make a list of any visible damage and take photos of these areas, so you have concrete proof to show your insurance company. It helps if you can also provide photos of your roof in its undamaged state, for a more accurate comparison. Proper documentation can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Taking a video during the storm may serve as a concrete example of its severity, but of course, your safety should always come first. Take a video only if doing so will not pose a threat to your safety.

Prevent additional damage

Secure your property to mitigate further damage. Do small, temporary repairs, but do not start any major repairs until your insurance company approves your claim.  Prevent mold growth or further water damage by removing wet contents, but do not throw anything away. Dispose of them temporarily on-site.

Alert your insurance company

Your instinct may tell you to call a contractor to fix any damage immediately, but don’t do that until you’ve gotten in touch with your insurance provider. Let them know about the damage your property sustained and make sure that your policy covers the necessary repairs. Otherwise, you may be stuck with the bill in case the insurance company denies the claim. While waiting for your insurance claim, it’s best to find temporary housing for you or your family.

Hire a professional claims adjuster

Make sure to get in touch with a claims adjuster before calling your insurance company. The truth is some insurance companies will attempt to delay the process or deny and defend their position instead of paying the claim when you need it most. Claim adjusters help make sure that your insurance company will pay you after you have filed a legitimate claim.

Going for public claims adjusters is your smartest move, as these professionals work for you, not for insurance companies.  They even provide valuable assistance in filling out complicated forms, helping you avoid mistakes that may hinder you from receiving compensation from the claim.

Enlist the help of United States Adjusters when processing a storm or wind damage insurance claim. Our reliable and well-practiced insurance appraisers, public adjusters, and disaster consultants help you receive the just compensation you need to get back on your feet.

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