Simple: with the help of a public insurance adjuster in Florida.

United States Adjusters is a nationwide public insurance adjusting firm focused on maximizing the potential of your property damage claims. We help you get your rightful share from insurance providers for your damaged property.

Have you been affected by Hurricane Irma?

United States Adjusters is Florida’s premier Public Insurance Adjuster and we work for you–not the Insurance company–making sure you get fair compensation for damages to your property. We have insurance adjusters ready to help you with your claim in Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, the Ft. Meyers area, and across the state of Florida. Call us today 1-800-872-0201 for a free consultation.

A Public Adjuster with His Clients

Why Hire an Adjuster

Public adjusters in Florida are licensed professionals that policyholders can trust to represent their best interests during property insurance claims. Our team manages your claim and ensures you meet all the claim filing requirements.

Our top goal is this: to help you recover the amount you deserve.

Unlike adjusters sent by insurance companies, we work for you. Our priority is to represent your property claim.

In addition, we can help with issues that plague most insurance claims:

Lack of expertise. The regular home or business owner might not have enough knowledge on insurance claims (especially in cases with extensive property damages). Dealing with the process alone can be overwhelming. To avoid mistakes, hire an expert.

Confusing policies. Insurance contracts can be confusing, which leaves individuals with a lot of questions about their coverage. Insurance agents can help, but if you want a better understanding, a public insurance adjuster in Florida can take you through the nitty-gritty process.

Why Choose Us

Here at United States Adjusters, we are no strangers to confused policyholders fearful of handling their claims alone. Instead of allowing you to go through the process without knowledge, we save you time by taking charge of the case.

The major difference between our team and other professionals is our dedication to 100% client satisfaction. Everything we do relies heavily on customer service. If we are unable to provide you with adequate service, it is a form of disservice — and that is against our policies.

Over the years (and thousands of claim settlements later), we’ve managed to maintain our A-rating.

It’s impossible to satisfy everyone, but we always try our best. As our clients, you deserve the highest quality of services possible.

Call us today for a free consultation.