What Do You Do When Making a Robbery and Vandalism Claim?


Theft and vandalism can happen to any homeowner and any property. When it does, what’s your next move?

Whatever the scenario, robbery and vandalism can leave you feeling angry, fearful, and vulnerable. But at the very least, homeowners who purchased theft and vandalism coverage from their insurance companies can have peace of mind—or not?

In some cases, some insurance companies refuse to pay despite the urgent need. You may be a loyal client, but some companies pay out less in their claims than what they bring in through premiums. As a result, some homeowners remain in distress long after incidents of theft or vandalism.

Fortunately, this need not be your case. A Florida insurance adjuster can help you out.

Why You Need a Public Adjuster

Public adjusters focus on ensuring the insurance company will pay you, making sure you’ve already filed a legitimate claim. These experts do not work for insurance companies; they work for you. They assist clients with filling out complex forms, as well as helping you file the proper paperwork. Their job is to make sure clients will not commit mistakes that lead them to not receiving any money from the claim.

Complexities of Theft and Vandalism Claims

One reason behind the complicated nature of these claims is some policyholders file claims for false incidents. As a result, insurance companies strengthen their security by becoming stricter with the claim filing process.

Companies will require proof of ownership of these items prior to the robbery; some also ask for the proof of value.

Proving Claims with and Adjuster

To prove that you owned the stolen items, a good amount of documentation is necessary. The more you provide, the better.

Adjusters know what insurance companies will ask from you. They are also knowledgeable with insurance-related jargon, as well as common legalities that appear in insurance policies. Partnering with a public adjuster increases your chances of having your claims approved.

Do not let confusion over vandalism and thieving claims rob you of your rights. Get the most out of the claim by working with an adjuster who understands.

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