Homeowners Claim Representatives that Work Exclusively For You

At United States Adjusters, we have represented thousands of homeowners over the years and have maximized their homeowners claim settlements. We are one of best public adjuster and adjusting firms in the nation. The insurance company has their own independent adjusters, most of which do not have the training, experience and know-how that United States Adjusters and our public adjusters possess.

United States Adjusters will represent homeowners as a claims adjuster, loss consultant or insurance appraiser. Based on the current situation of your claim, we will determine the most suitable plan of attack with our team of experienced professionals. We can offer you total support in terms of loss analysis, as well as estimating and negotiating with the insurance company and their claims adjuster to make sure you receive the best possible settlement.

The Types of Homeowners Insurance Claims United States Adjusters Will Handle

New Claims

When catastrophe strikes, your top priority as a homeowner is to restore your dwelling to pre-disaster condition, as quickly as you can. Filing a property damage or loss claim against your insurance company can be quite a challenge. But, with our public adjuster services for homeowners, you won’t need to do the significant work of preparing, documenting, and filing a claim. Our team of public adjusters will be your advocate. They will push for your best interests, as well as prevent common loopholes and potential delays, and ensure maximum benefits from your property damage claim. United States Adjusters will stand by your side and ensure prompt and fair settlements.

Pending Claims

It is not uncommon that property damage and loss claims get underpaid. If you have already filed a claim and you discover damages or losses that have been left out or underpaid, United States Adjusters is here to help. Our public adjusters will reevaluate your claim for free, and only charge if we find discrepancies in your coverage amount and areas of underpayment. We will then re-document and cross-reference every aspect of your claim and identify damages or losses that have not been properly covered.

Reopen File or Supplement Claim

If your property insurance settlement doesn’t adequately compensate for your losses, the law allows you to reopen the claim and fight for the justified settlement that you deserve. The statute of limitations, or the period you may re-open a claim or file a lawsuit for underpayment from the date of loss, may vary from state to state. A supplemental claim may also apply if you did not discover the damage until sometime after the date of loss. Our experienced public adjusters can provide you with sound legal and financial advice when pursuing to re-open a claim down to doing all the work and negotiating with your insurer for you.

Underpaid Claims or Claim Denial

Underpaid claims and denials can tremendously affect your home recovery process. United States Adjusters has a team of loss experts, engineers, contractors, appraisers, geologists, and attorneys who can look into your coverage and review underpaid claims or denials. We will thoroughly investigate your claim and reassess your losses to ensure that you get the settlement that you rightfully deserve. We have the resources and skills to provide a range of appraising, adjusting, and legal services to help you coast through residential property insurance disputes. For prompt and dependable public adjuster services for residential property insurance claims, call United States Adjusters.

United States Adjusters are Centered Around Customer Service

The major difference between our public adjuster professionals and other public adjusters is the fact that we base each and everything we do on customer service. If we are unable to provide the adequate service that our clients deserve we are doing them a disservice. Over the years, through thousands of claim settlements, we have been able to maintain an A- rating. We know that it’s impossible to satisfy everyone, but we try.

United States Adjusters will step in to assist when your residential claim or homeowners claim is denied, delayed, or grossly underpaid. There are many cases when the homeowner or policyholder personally file homeowners claims themselves, but do not get what they expect. Problems with claim payments from the insurance companies arise if certain things were overlooked while filing for the claim or the documents were not filled in properly. This is where the services of an experienced, battle-tested public insurance adjuster from United States Adjusters prove their worth.

FREE Homeowners Claim Evaluations and Consultations

United States Adjusters’ attention to detail and expertise allows us to settle homeowners’ claims faster and for larger amounts than other public adjusting firms that haven’t been around for long, or lack the experience. Contact us today for a free claim evaluation and consultation.